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Emerging Technologies Research Colloquium Series

Emerging technologies are paradoxical in that they hold both promise and peril for individuals, families and communities. At a time of rapid technological change, those who work with children, families, schools and communities need to understand the ways in which online digital activities affect offline health and mental wellbeing.

In April 2012, May 2014, May 2016 and April 2018, the Alberta Teachers’ Association, in partnership with various groups, including the Alberta Center for Child, Family and Community Research, the Palix (formerly Norlien) Foundation, and the Educational Technology Council, organized a research colloquium series aimed at exploring the psychosocial and physiological impacts of technology on children and youth.

Every other year, the Alberta Teachers’ Association brings together people from a diverse array of research fields, professional organizations, and community groups in order to participate in an intensive, one-day conversation about common themes from new and emerging research around digital technologies and health.

The colloquium series intends to achieve three main outcomes:
• To consider the extent to which technologies are (re)shaping the minds and bodies of children and youth.
• To identify the issues, perspectives and contentions emerging from current research.
• To generate key questions to guide policy decisions and future research on emerging technologies, learning, teaching and the wellbeing of children and youth.

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