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Contact Us

If you are an Alberta teacher requiring assistance, please call the Association in Edmonton at 780-447-9400 or toll free at 1-800-232-7208, in Calgary at 403-265-2672 or toll free at

Below is a list of the keypad options (when calling the Edmonton numbers) for connecting to the program area that can help you. Scroll down further for email addresses. 

  • Press # if you know the extension you are trying to reach.
  • Press 1 to reach the Teacher Qualifications’ Service.
  • Press 2 to reach Teacher Employment Services if you have a question related to your current employment as a teacher.
  • Press 3 to reach Professional Development with your question about teacher professional development, workshops, specialist councils, teacher education or certification.
  • Press 4 for the Government program area with your question about ATA communications, governance, leadership and research, or calls about teacher exchange.
  • Press 5 for calls related to ATA operations, including building, cafeteria, distribution or finance.
  • Press 6 to reach the ATA library.
  • Press 7 to reach ATA web support.

Do you have another inquiry? You can either leave a voicemail, or email

By E-mail

Because of concerns about the confidentiality of information sent by 
e-mail, members having personal problems related to their employment are encouraged to contact staff in writing, by phone or in person rather than by

Non-personal inquiries should be sent to one of the following e-mail addresses (information about program areas is available):

By Mail

Edmonton Office (Barnett House)

11010 142 Street NW
Edmonton AB  T5N 2R1

Calgary Office (Southern Alberta Regional Office [SARO])

350, 6815 8 Street NE
Calgary AB  T2E 7H7

By Phone

Edmonton Office (Barnett House)

780-447-9400 in Edmonton
1-800-232-7208 toll free in Alberta

Switchboard Hours

  • Labour Day to June 30
    08001700 Monday–Friday
  • July 1 to Labour Day
    08001630 Monday–Friday

Calgary Office (Southern Alberta Regional Office [SARO])

403-265-2672 in Calgary
1-800-332-1280 toll free in Alberta

Switchboard Hours:

  • Labour Day to June 30
    08001700 Monday–Friday
  • July 1 to Labour Day
    08001630 Monday–Friday

By Fax

Edmonton Office (Barnett House)


Calgary Office (Southern Alberta Regional Office [SARO])