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2017 PEC Election Overview - Part 2

February 28, 2017

Tips for engaging in ATA democracy

Elections are the cornerstone of any democracy, and that holds true for the PEC elections conducted by the Alberta Teachers’ Association. Of course, what makes for an effective ATA democracy is an engaged membership. Here are five things you can do to engage in your 2017 PEC election.

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Open/update your online ATA account.

An online ATA account is a must-have if you are to vote in the 2017 PEC election. If you don’t have one, view our video demonstration or read the step-by-step instructions. Both are posted on the ATA website. You might also ask a colleague for help because approximately 70 per cent of ATA members already have an online ATA account.

Get to know your candidates.

As you read this, the 2017 PEC election candidates are likely travelling to, or campaigning at, one of the 10 teachers’ conventions taking place in our province until March 10. If you are unable to catch them on the convention floor, visit the ATA website. Their election platforms are posted in print and video. You might also want to check with your ATA local to see if they will be hosting a candidates’ forum.

Review the voting instructions.

On Feb. 28, voting instructions will be mailed to ATA school representatives at all Alberta schools with three or more teachers on staff. Teachers not based in a school and those at schools with two or fewer teachers will have voting instructions mailed to their homes.

If you don’t receive your set of voting instructions within a reasonable number of days after the mailing date, you may contact the ATA (email or visit the ATA website, where a version of the instructions will be posted online.

Plan group activities.

If you are an ATA school representative, you may want to use the ATA portion of your school staff meeting to gather your colleagues and, as a group, do any of the previously mentioned activities. Maybe use your school’s computer lab to host an online ATA account sign-up event, view candidate speech videos or have a voting party. Even if you aren’t a school representative, you can still gather colleagues and do these activities together.




PEC members bring the voices of teachers from across the province to the Alberta Teachers’ Association, which makes their collective voice heard at provincial, national and international levels. The members of PEC are teachers who, like you, are committed to doing what is best for teachers and students. Please take the time to support the candidates who are standing for election in order to support you and your profession. Voting opens March 13 at 8 a.m. and remains open 24/7 until March 20 at 5 p.m.


5 Steps of Online Voting in the 2017 PEC election

  1. Log into your online ATA account.

  2. Click the “Vote Here” graphic on the homepage.

  3. Confirm your eligibility information as provided on screen.

  4. Declare your voter information.

  5. Vote.

Watch Your Step

Voting online in the 2017 PEC election at is done in five easy steps, but there are two that require close attention.

Step 4  is where you declare your eligibility and select Vote to activate your ballot. Be sure the eligibility information you submit is accurate because you cannot return to this ATA-operated site once you select VOTE.

Step 5  is where you vote. Make sure you review your selections before you submit your ballot because this separate site is controlled by a third party, and the Association will be unable to retrieve your ballot.


Take it from them ATA presidents explain the importance of voting in PEC elections.

"The ATA is one of the most democratic teacher organizations in the country; voting by all members is not common across Canada. It is an important right, and you need to take advantage of it."

—Larry Booi, 1999–2003

"In a democratic society one has a responsibility to vote. If you don’t vote, don’t gripe."

—Frank Bruseker, 2003–2009

"You are a member, and by voting, you are setting the direction for the future of the organization … you are being an active member, as you committed to do when you were inducted."

—Carol Henderson, 2009–2013

"Your voice will dictate what our leadership becomes. Your voice will determine who you will place your trust in to become the leaders of the Association and the profession."

—Mark Ramsankar, 2013–2017

 Vote online at

March 13 at 8 AM

March 20 at 5 PM

View a PDF version of the 2017 PEC Election Overview

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