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2020/21 Pandemic Research and Reports

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Association in Edmonton (1-800-232-7208) or Calgary (1-800-332-1280).


Keeping schools open and communities safe 

Teachers want to stay in schools with their students, but need ongoing assurance that student, staff and community safety is a priority. (2020 11 16) 


Teacher Pandemic Pulse Survey Results - Fall 2020

Results of the Association’s rapid pandemic pulse research surveys each week during Alberta school re-entry Fall 2020. (2020 09 01) 


The Science on School Re-opening

The following articles have been forwarded to the Association by U of A epidemiologist Dr Lynora Saxinger. (2020 08 06) 



Please see Alberta Education's page for updated COVID-19 information.


Statement on Alberta Education’s School Re-entry Plan – August 4, 2020

Key to a successful return to school is the creation of confidence among parents, teachers, staff, students and the community in the face of continuing uncertainty. (2020 08 04) 


Teachers’ Priorities for Successful and Safe Re-Entry to Alberta School Buildings

This document describes the Association's minimum expectations at the beginning of August 2020, one month before a potential restart of in-school education. (2020 08 03) 


School Re-entry Telephone Townhall

Listen to the July 29 teacher telephone townhall. (2020 07 30)


Teachers Remain Concerned About Return to School

News Release—Safety must be the number one priority as schools prepare to reopen this September says ATA president Jason Schilling. (2020 07 21)


Responses to Government

Details outlining the Government's school re-entry plans and correspondence between the Association and the Minister of Education. (2020 07 29)


Alberta Teachers Responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Pandemic Research Survey Study

The preliminary survey report is now available. (2020 07 20)