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September 13, 2016
On the Twittersphere

Fort McMurray teachers share what they learned from the fire.

Mary Lynne Luco @LucoMary: I can remain calm in a crisis, keep your gas tank full and a go bag in your car.

Gavin Rutledge @mrrutsclass: I need my students as much as they need me.

Deborah Nicholson @deborahnic1488: Students buying school supplies can bring me to tears.

Heather Redfurn @FortMcTuba: I learned to tell my students how important they are more often. Also I can pitch a tent in the dark pretty fast now!

Kaitlyn deMilliano @kdemilli: I learned what matters

James Hayward @VP_Hayward: I am capable of staying calm and doing what’s best for my students in crisis situations.

Ms Varga @Ms_Varga: I learned that anything is possible with support from my peers.

Krista Saunders @YMM_kj: I didn’t need to be constantly busy to be worthwhile or to make an impact.

A few choice comments found under the #abed hashtag

Sean Beaton @backcountrynut: My provocation for my students today: Why do we stand during the ­national anthem?

Miss Shelby Stark @MissShelbyStark: “What will the teachers of 2116 think of the schools in 2016?!” This discussion question really got me thinking! #edchat #abedchat

Jessica Scalzo @Scalzorino: First day back as a #substituteteacher today. I sure missed those kiddos! Good to be stretching my teaching muscles again!

Sean Sommerfeld @seansommerfeld: Just tried to use a stapler as a mouse. That kind of day.

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