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Welcome to your new career

September 13, 2016

Teachers with Edmonton Catholic Schools gathered Aug. 25 and 26 for a fall kickoff organized by the new teacher mentorship committee of Edmonton Catholic Teachers’ Local No. 54.

The ATA News asked a sampling of these teachers: What emotions are you feeling as you embark on your teaching career?

“Mainly excitement but a little bit of fear — fear of not doing well, not being an amazing teacher, not connecting with my kids, just failing, I guess — the usual.”

Jessica Berg, 25
English and film
Mother Margaret Mary

“I’m feeling a little nervous but after these last couple days here, I’m anxious and excited to get into the classroom and use all my new strategies.”

Sara Coco, 23
St. Clement

“I’m very excited to be here, very happy. This is the place where I wanted to be so to me it’s a dream come true. I was born in Cuba. I lived in Toronto for eight years. I was trying to work in a Catholic school but in Ontario it’s almost impossible to get a full-time teaching job. When Edmonton Catholic school district contacted me ... I was so excited.”

Abdel Rassi-Mendez, 37
Spanish, CALM and science
Blessed Oscar Romero

“Being my first year teaching kindergarten, I’m very excited to learn through play with them. It’s something different for me but I’m very excited — anxious, but excited.”

Chelsea Turcotte, 23
French immersion kindergarten

“Right now it’s kind of nerve-wracking and overwhelming. There’s a lot of information coming at us and we’re trying to process it all and see where we stand on a lot of stuff so I would say, like, nervous and overwhelmed ... also excited.”

Taylor Sanelli, 21
Grade 6
St. Elizabeth Seton

“Just excited, maybe a little bit anxious to start.”

Andrew Zvonkovic, 25
Hockey academy
Our Lady of Mount Carmel

“Right now I’m feeling overwhelmed but definitely very excited. I think as soon as the first day passes, I’ll be able to breathe a little bit more.”

Meagan McIntosh, 23
Grade 6
St. Benedict

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