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Central bargaining continues

September 13, 2016 ATA News Staff

Initial discussions for the second phase of central bargaining are scheduled to resume later this month, as stated in a blog post dated Sept. 1 by Greg Jeffery, Association vice-president and chair of the Central Table Bargaining Committee.

Jeffery notes in his Bargainer’s Blog that negotiations on the matters agreed to be discussed centrally began in late June and are still in the early stages, as much remains to be discussed.

“Given that this is a new process with new players at the table, I expect that we will need to have a fair amount of general discussion on a wide range of topics,” Jeffery writes. “We are prepared to take the time required to make sure that everyone understands the issues well, and so no one should be too concerned if things move slowly to start.”

Collective agreements for teachers employed by all 61 public, separate and francophone school jurisdictions expired Aug. 31, but remain in effect as long as negotiations continue and there are no work stoppages. Some specific clauses in collective agreements have explicitly stated expiry dates, and local economic policy committees (EPCs) are consulting with employing school boards to determine the status of those provisions.

Local EPCs will also be collecting data from teachers over the coming weeks and months to support the central bargaining team. In his blog post, Jeffery asks teachers to “help your EPC when they ask for information in order to help us to achieve the improvements that you require.”

Jeffery will continue to post updates to his blog on the Bargaining 2016 website for members at ❚


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