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March 10, 2015

Via Facebook, we asked

In 50 words or less, what would you say if you could sit down for a chat with Premier Jim Prentice?

Jonathan Sharek:Where has all of Albertans’ resource wealth gone?

Stan Tiffin: Stop looking at health care and education as merely expenditures ... health care and education are pillars of a successful society ... Don’t cut ... INVEST!!!

Meagen Ashley: We are already struggling to meet the needs of today’s students and tomorrow’s future. If you truly believe that Alberta can afford to make cuts today that will directly impact Alberta’s tomorrow, then you have never truly spent any real time in an Alberta classroom.

Tricia Templeman Smith: I want to know how much the government spends on ensuring our students go through standardized testing every year. Standardized testing does NOT play a role in raising ethical, entrepreneurial, engaged citizens. Why the heck would you charge us health-care premiums to cover shortfalls and not consider dropping useless tests which take away from precious learning opportunities?

David Wallace Watson: I would tell him that I graduated university at the age of 42. When I started teaching I netted in a month what I used to net in a week before becoming a teacher. I would ask him, does his government value education?

Sandi M: I would ask him how he received his education, and expect him to come into my high needs school and teach.

Jeff Mason: Please stop referring to me as a “taxpayer.” In labelling me a taxpayer, you imply that the primary function I serve is to provide your government with money, and that money is all I care about.

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