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February 23, 2021



Facebook Feedback

What are you missing most about in-person teacher conventions?

Katherine Sorenson
Honestly, I loved having it online. No travel, no trouble finding parking, no extra costs. I loved that there are prerecorded sessions that I can go back and rewatch or rewind. I loved that I didn’t have to run to my next session hoping there would be an available seat. I thought it was fantastic, and I’ll actually be a bit upset about that part going back to normal.

Taylor Bambush
While I miss catching up with colleagues and lunches, I don’t miss driving downtown in February and paying for parking. I did enjoy listening and learning while I got puppy cuddles on the couch this year.

Ted Hutchings
Catching up with colleagues from across the province. The in-person element was always one of the best things about convention. And lunch. Convention lunch is always great!

Zan Pinsky
Lunch with friends! We have staggered lunch breaks at school so we never get to eat together. I definitely miss the socializing of convention but loved the ability to watch multiple sessions! I always had to choose which ones to attend at the same time. Now I could attend the live ones and watch the prerecorded ones too!

Christie Lee
Seeing friends from other schools and actually having time to talk to my colleagues.

Teresa Andersson
Definitely didn’t miss driving for hours in extreme weather!

Barb Nemeth
Seeing other teachers in person! I teach at a school where I am the only teacher in the building. I do have an EA, but it’s just her and me. I really miss seeing and chatting with other ATA friends. Convention allows me time to see colleagues.

Jessica Dubrule
Connecting and socializing with colleagues. And doughnuts.

Jocelyn Tam
I miss running into my colleagues and former colleagues, catching up over coffee or just in the halls. The chance to reconnect in person was always a great thing to look forward to.

Kristel Fisher Laderoute
I missed the people but really enjoyed the online format. No problem getting into sessions I wanted to see, no crazy commute downtown in the morning, no travel on winter roads in minus 35, comfy seating, good snacks...I could go on. I loved it.


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