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January 12, 2021

On school re-entry and the ATA’s eight-point plan for keeping schools safe

What happened to phase two? Why are we jumping straight back to “business as usual?” My husband and I are both teachers. My dad died from COVID, my husband got COVID at school (we suspect, as that’s the only place he was going) and is still struggling from the effects of it. I’m seriously concerned for our safety.

Rozanne Leigh


Sandra Poyhia

I’m still confused as to why it seems to be OK for me to spend a full day with 60 different students but I can’t have my two parents over for dinner.

Cl Barchuk

I wonder why there is never any mention of the teachers who work in specialized programs, whose students are unable to distance or wear masks, but the teachers and EA‘s have close daily physical contact with them. I love the eight-point plan, but I’ve never seen a plan for us.

Darren Robson

There should be a ninth point about maintaining good airflow. Ensure all classrooms have windows that can open, and clear out the stale air two to three times an hour.

Heathe Rz

This is bad. I feel like an absolute guinea pig today. Not safe to open business, but totally fine to pack classrooms again.


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