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New program in the works to showcase local political engagement


January 12, 2021 Audrey Dutka, ATA News Staff

Highlights of the Provincial Executive Council meeting held Dec. 3–4, 2020, via virtual platform.

Authorized discussions between staff and the Alberta School Councils’ Association to determine possible support and future collaboration.

Authorized payments collectively totalling no more than $3,959.35 to be made to individual members of Provincial Executive Council to compensate for the value of the benefit foregone as a result of delays in the onset of employer contributions being made to the members’ Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund pension after Jan. 1, 2020.

Received the report of a hearing committee that found a teacher guilty of three charges of unprofessional conduct stemming from convictions of three criminal offences. The first offence related to the publishing or possession of child pornography, contrary to section 163.1(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada. The second offence related to the unlawful touching, for a sexual purpose, of a person under 16, contrary to section 151 of the Criminal Code. The third offence was for communicating with someone under 18 for the purpose of facilitating the commission of an offence, contrary to section 172.1(1)(a) of the Criminal Code.

The hearing committee declared the teacher permanently ineligible for membership in the Alberta Teachers’ Association and recommended that the minister of education cancel the teacher’s teaching certificate.

Received the report of a hearing committee that found a teacher guilty of two charges of unprofessional conduct. The first charge was for sending a text message to a teaching colleague that referred to another teacher in a derogatory manner, thus failing to maintain the honour and dignity of the profession. The second was for sending a text message that was critical of another teacher to a teaching colleague who was not the proper authority.

To address both charges, the hearing committee imposed penalties of a letter of reprimand and a fine of $400.

Authorized that the Local Political Engagement Awards program be cancelled and that staff begin developing a program for showcasing local political engagement activities.

Approved the frames of reference for the Teacher Welfare Committees of the Wetaskiwin School Division, the Calgary School Division and the Palliser School Division.

Approved amendments to the frame of reference for the Communications, Advocacy and Public Education Committee to reflect current branding to the program and align internal communication with external communication.

Appointed field members to serve on Association committees.


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