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December 10, 2020


Facebook Feedback


On the ATA’s aggression in schools research study 

Catherine Beaver-Hawman 
Thank you for your ongoing hard work on this. It is important and much needed. 

Evangeline Em 
I’m very glad to see this is being talked about. 

On the authorization of a strike vote in Wetaskiwin Local No. 18 

Kristan Noel Myers 
A teacher’s working conditions are a student’s learning conditions. Many of the asks on the table were no cost or low cost. Shame on the employers for making this more complicated than it needed to be. Many boards settled for reasonable agreements, but these boards will not budge. Teachers are working harder than ever and they deserve respect. 

On the government’s announcement of a return to online classes for grades 7–12 

Jessica Sachs 
I am amazed at how little transmission is happening at elementary schools. I don’t often agree with this government, but I support this plan. I saw too many young kids home alone last spring, and there are still too many families experiencing income insecurity. I believe this is the safest plan for the greatest number of people. 

Melissa Dee 
I am glad to be teaching my Grade 1 students in person; however, my own 13-year-old son will now be home online and alone every single day...this does not make sense to me. 

Cindy Chartrand 
I am so very happy that I can continue to support and teach my students in class! 

Lori Villner Astle 
Our rate of community infection is just under 300 cases/100k. By ANY metric I have seen, schools are not safe to be open. Including elementary schools.

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