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Online conventions taking shape


December 10, 2020 Danny Maas, ATA Executive Staff Officer


Teacher conventions will be online in 2021. Convention boards around the province are working extremely hard to plan the outstanding professional devel¬opment experiences you have come to expect, and while your convention expe¬rience will no doubt be different this school year, the principles underlying teachers’ conventions remain the same. 


As we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, your health and safety continue to be of paramount importance to your association. As you make decisions about your convention participation, we urge you to protect yourself by heeding the advice and practices of health officials. We look forward to returning to in-person teachers’ conventions in years to come when it is safe to do so; however, take care not to put your health at risk as you participate this year. 


Your professional and contractual obligations to attend teachers’ convention for these two days of self-directed professional development have not changed. Convention boards are planning outstanding programs with top-notch keynote presenters and relevant concurrent breakout sessions. Most sessions will either be offered live using Zoom conferencing software or as pre-recorded on-demand sessions. You will have opportunities leading up to your convention to ensure that you can connect to these sessions. As always, if you wish permission to attend an alternate professional development experience taking place at the same time as your convention, or if you would like permission to attend an alternate convention, please apply at


Your convention boards are excited to offer you numerous online keynote and concurrent breakout sessions that align with the Teaching Quality Standard. This programming along with network¬ing opportunities and online exhibitors are intended to help you meet the goals of your professional growth plans and develop required competencies. The Association advises members to partic¬ipate from home to retain professional autonomy in making professional devel¬opment choices for your convention experience. School divisions should not be compelling teachers to attend con¬vention sessions from school. With many live sessions being recorded for viewing throughout the convention and large capacity Zoom sessions, you will have greater flexibility to access the sessions you need when you need them. ❚


More information

  • For the latest updates on your convention, please visit its website. 
  • For specific questions pertaining to collective agreement clauses related to teachers’ conventions or convention attendance recommendations, please contact a duty officer in Teacher Employment Services by calling Barnett House toll free at 1-800-232-7208. 
  • For general questions related to online teachers’ conventions in 2021, please contact Danny Maas at  



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