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Association awards fellowships and scholarships

Provincial Executive Council has announced the winners of the 2020–21 ATA fellowships and scholarships.

October 27, 2020 ATA News Staff

Doctoral Fellowship in Education

Each year, the Alberta Teachers’ Association awards two fellowships, valued at $15,000 each, to ATA members who have been accepted into or have already embarked upon full-time study in a doctoral program in education at a recognized Alberta public university. The fellowship program is intended to recognize academic excellence and to help defray the financial costs of university study.

Kim Edmondson

Kim Edmondson is a high school social studies and English language arts teacher with Black Gold School Division. She recently completed her masters of education at the University of Alberta, where she studied the educational implications of the #MeToo movement in high school social studies. Her PhD research will further this work as she will explore male social studies teachers’ experiences navigating issues related to the #MeToo movement, gender equality and feminism in their classrooms. Her hope is that her research contributes to male teachers’ empowerment as allies for gender equality in both the classroom and the profession.

Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor is a PhD student and sessional instructor at the University of Calgary and the Calgary Regional Representative for the Health and Physical Education Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. Reflecting on nine years of experience teaching physical education with the Calgary Board of Education and initiating and leading two school wellness teams, Taylor plans to study the impact of school wellness initiatives on staff and students’ perceived wellness, using the Comprehensive School Health framework. Taylor has the long-term goal of applying her research in leadership positions within Alberta’s K–12 education system.

Nadene M. Thomas

The $5,000 Nadene M. Thomas bursary is offered annually to an ATA member who is enrolled in a graduate program in education at a recognized Canadian university. The area of research must focus on health issues affecting teachers and/or on teachers’ working conditions.

Daniel Filiatreault

Daniel Filiatreault is a teacher for the Edmonton Catholic School Division at St. Nicholas junior high school. He has been teaching for eight years with experience in early learning kindergarten and secondary school programs. Filiatreault has been researching new teacher attrition at the University of Alberta in the master of educational studies program. His research is exploring why new teachers are leaving the profession within their first five years. From year one of his career, Filiatreault has volunteered and has been elected to various positions within Edmonton Catholic Teacher Local No. 54. He enjoys serving, representing and advocating for teachers across Alberta. ❚

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