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Ready... Set... Grow

October 6, 2020


This is the time of year when teachers turn their attention to (among dozens of other things) their professional growth plans.



Teachers’ conventions enhance professional practice by providing teachers and school leaders with opportunities to share innovative practices, discuss professional issues and meet the learning goals identified in their professional growth plans.  


North Central Teachers’ Convention

Dates: Feb. 4–5, 2021 
Contact: Carryl Bennett, president,


Calgary City Teachers’ Convention

Dates: Feb. 11–12, 2021 
Contact: Lisa Fulton and Shae Frisby, co-presidents,


Endless Skies Teachers’ Convention

Dates: Feb. 11–12, 2021 
Contact: Adrienne Peoples-Sprecker, president,


Central Alberta Teachers’ Convention

Dates: Feb. 18–19, 2021
Contact: Brenda Lewis, president,


Palliser District Teachers’ Convention

Dates: Feb. 18–19, 2021
Contact: Jennifer Munton, president,


Southeastern Alberta Teachers’ Convention

Dates: Feb. 18–19, 2021
Contact: Cam Bernhard, president,


South Western Alberta Teachers’ Convention

Dates: Feb. 18–19, 2021
Contact: Kathy Thomas, president,


Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention

Dates: Feb. 25–26, 2021
Contact: Lloyd Bloomfield, president,


Mighty Peace Teachers’ Convention

Dates: March 4–5, 2021
Contact: Jodie Dell, president,


Teachers’ conventions will take place online during the 2020–21 school year.

Teachers are advised to participate from home or other non-school locations.

If you have any questions, please contact executive staff officer Danny Maas at



The ATA’s 21 specialist councils have begun planning collaboration opportunities for teachers across the province in the 2020–21 school year. While many in-person conferences are being postponed to alternate dates or future years, their work to provide meaningful, relevant, subject-specific professional development for Alberta teachers continues to be strong. Additionally, some councils have begun planning digital conferences and experiences for teachers.


Second Languages and Intercultural Council
The council is offering bursaries for members to attend the online conference of the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers.

Theme:  Celebrating Languages Without Borders 
Date: Oct. 17, 2020


Mathematics Council

Event:  Digital conference
Date: Oct. 23–24, 2020


Fine Arts Council

Event: Virtual event 
Theme:  Fine Arts Virtual Road Trip: Bridging Curricula
Date:  Oct. 24, 2020

Science Council

Event:  Digital Connect 
Date:  Nov. 7, 2020


For more information

For more information on future events and professional development opportunities provided by the specialist councils, please visit their respective websites listed on the right.

Alberta School Learning Commons Council

Career and Technology Education Council

Conseil français

Council for Inclusive Education

Council for School Leadership

Council of School Counsellors

Early Childhood Education Council

Educational Technology Council

English as a Second Language Council

English Language Arts Council

Fine Arts Council

First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education Council

Global, Environmental and Outdoor Education Council

Health and Physical Education Council 

Mathematics Council

Middle Years Council

Outreach Education Council

Religious and Moral Education Council

Science Council 

Second Languages and Intercultural Council

Social Studies Council


Please visit: to select your no-cost membership to any one of these councils.

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