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Conventions switch to virtual delivery

October 6, 2020 Cory Hare (he/him), ATA News Managing Editor


All teachers’ conventions in Alberta will take place online this school year.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has created uncertainty around the viability of holding in-person gatherings during teachers’ convention season, so Provincial Executive Council decided during its meeting of Sept. 25 that all conventions will be virtual this year.

“Teachers’ convention is an integral part of our professional development and it’s important that it continue, pandemic or no pandemic,” said ATA president Jason Schilling.

ATA staff is taking steps to support convention associations to deliver live sessions online. Training and ongoing support are also available for organizers while staff and convention associations collaborate to create the best possible professional development experiences for teachers.

“I know that our volunteer associations, along with the Barnett House staff who provide support, will ensure that convention season remains a highlight of our school year,” Schilling said. ❚


Convention schedule
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