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June 15, 2021


Facebook Feedback

In response to the news of the location of the remains of 215 children at Kamloops Indian Residential School.

Ed Meers
This breaks my heart. The cultural genocide committed against our First Nations peoples is a black mark in the history of Canada and evidence of the atrocities committed in the name of colonialism.

Stacey Mee
With respect, many of us Indigenous peoples ask that it stops being referred to as a cultural genocide and refer to it for what it is, a genocide.

Sarah Danielle
(Lowering the flag) is a great first step, but is it possible to go further? All non-Indigenous teachers need to understand that to any Indigenous family they may still represent the abuser. Schools should always be safe spaces for all students and families.

Natasha Sullivan
Hopefully some families receive closure.

Nancy Boyd
I started thinking about all the families that never knew what happened to their children... didn’t get to say goodbye ... this is why we as ATA members must continue to reject the draft curriculum.

Grace De Guzman
I can’t believe I was never taught this in school. It was never part of our curriculum. Imagine if it was taught sooner than later and all the reconciling and understanding that could have already been started.



On Twitter

Ms. Lutzmann @MsLutzmann
I want @jkenney, @AdrianaLaGrange and @CMOH_Alberta to explain why teachers like me have to go into workplaces on Tier 2 #COVID19AB outbreak status without their second doses, while thousands of vaccination appointments go unused at AHS facilities every single day.

Michelle @springyhair
Providing feedback (which @AdrianaLaGrange says she wants) and asking for an accurate, well-sequenced, developmentally appropriate, not racist and teachable curriculum is not bullying. Using that term belittles the experiences of those who do experience bullying.

Nicole Laderoute @nicoleladeroute
Today I learned that advocating for a quality, age-appropriate, inclusive curriculum is now known as “trying to cancel out a person.”

Barbara Larochelle @BarbLarochelle
UCP says they will not be “bullied” about the new curriculum. They want feedback from “Albertans.” The following are apparently NOT Albertans because they point out that it is a disaster: 

  • parents 
  • teachers 
  • curriculum experts 
  • Indigenous and francophone groups 
  • school boards

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