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June 2, 2021



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On the ARA vote of non-confidence in the minister of education

Jonathan Sharek @jsharek

Hey issues managers: 40,000 or so people whom I would not term as “union bosses” just made quite the statement. Teaching and learning is going on in spite of the #UCP fiasco machine.

Jhalfsies @JenAnne11

Teacher after teacher is speaking passionately about the breadth and depth of Minister @AdrianaLaGrange incompetence. Urban, rural, minority teachers, her own riding — speaking out for the “safety and dignity” of students and teachers.

Jamie Lee

Apparently 99% of teachers know the definition of “robust.”

Susan Richards

The motion should pass unanimously! No debate needed at all.


Charlene Daub

Thank you to all delegates for sacrificing your non-work and family time for our Association.

Gloria A @LaYoyalu

My first ARA and listening to these speeches makes me feel even prouder to be an Alberta teacher.

James Slattery @jmhslattery

When you can’t applaud ARA speakers in person this will have to do.      

Trih @ab_teacher2

In tears listening to delegates speak about funding cuts, attacks to our most vulnerable students, stressed out teachers, and the heartache they feel. #ARA2021

Sara Ashly @saraaaashly

I’m so proud to be a teacher in Alberta right now #ARA2021

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Dr. Jody Carrington @DrJCarrington

As a mama and an author, there is a group of people who have stolen my heart. These souls do holy work and are some of the most important people. We call them educators. They continue to show up for our babies, and it’s time for us to look after them.


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