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Advocate of women in science bestowed ATA award

June 2, 2021 ATA News Staff


Margaret Ann Armour spent her life encouraging females of all ages to explore science. That passion for sparking an interest in science was the reason Armour was posthumously awarded the Public Education Award.

Speaking at the Annual Representative Assembly on May 22, vice-president Jenny Regal said although Armour was most active in the post-secondary world, she was also a tireless advocate for teachers and students.

Armour died in 2019, but her legacy lives on at the University of Alberta, where she developed 13 initiatives, including Project Catalyst, which aimed to increase the representation of women in faculty positions, and in every student who walks through the doors of Dr. Margaret Ann Armour School, located in southwest Edmonton.

On one of Armour’s visits to her namesake school, Regal says a second-grade child looked up at Armour and said “You sure are lucky to be named after my school.”

The ATA’s Public Education Award is offered occasionally to an individual or a group that has given outstanding support to public education in Alberta other than through teaching. ❚


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