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What can you do to speak out on the curriculum?

Curriculum Special

April 27, 2021


Teachers from across the province have spoken out to say they are concerned about the draft K-6 curriculum. However, how can we turn our words into action? Here’s a few things you can do to help fight the curriculum.


1. Respond to the government survey.

The draft curriculum was developed without consulting those who bring it to life in the classroom: teachers.

Developing curriculum without the feedback of teachers will set students up for failure.

Every teacher, regardless of current grade level assignment, has interest in the learning outcomes used in elementary schools. We must make sure all teachers are heard before implementation.

Review the relevant draft documents at and respond to the government survey by clicking the “Provide Feedback” link at the top of the homepage.


2. Complete the ATA questionnaire.

We want to hear from you!

Teachers do not have confidence in the curriculum process, so the ATA is collecting independent feedback.

Tell us what you think of the draft curriculum. We will be collecting your feedback and providing it to the public and the Government of Alberta.

You can fill out the survey here:


3. Share news articles and social media posts with your colleagues, friends and family.

The more Albertans who are concerned about the curriculum, the more pressure the government will feel to address our issues. We need to make sure Albertans know how problematic this draft curriculum could be for students, teachers and schools! The easiest way to do that is to share content like news articles and social media posts with your colleagues, family and friends.

You’ll find a lot of this content on our social media pages at and


4. Share the

We are calling on the government to stop work on curriculum piloting and implementation until an independent, full and open review and rewrite can occur. We’re asking parents and members of the public who are concerned about the draft curriculum to pledge their support for a review and rewrite by visiting


5. Call your MLA.

Your local MLA works for you! Regardless of what party they represent, call or email them and let them know your concerns.

And if you email them, please copy us by including on your emails – we are keeping track!

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