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Teachers call for stop to curriculum implementation

Curriculum Special

April 27, 2021

The Alberta Teachers’ Association is calling for the Government of Alberta to stop all work on the piloting and implementation of the draft curriculum until an independent, open and full review and rewrite can occur.

The Association has published full-page ads in daily newspapers across Alberta to issue the call for a moratorium and to show support for school boards and teachers that decide not to participate in piloting.

“Alberta’s students and teachers require an appropriate and workable curriculum,” says Jason Schilling, president of the ATA. “The government is being told loudly and clearly that this curriculum is unacceptable. We now need the government to announce a stop to their implementation plans and to spell out a new way forward.”

Schilling also says the Association supports school boards that have decided not to pilot this draft curriculum, and he calls on all school authorities to refrain from directing their teachers to participate in piloting.

“Teachers who believe this curriculum is unsound and potentially damaging to student learning have the professional responsibility and moral right to refuse to participate in voluntary piloting. The government and school boards must respect the decision of individual teachers to not participate in piloting.”

Although the teaching profession is frustrated by being left out of the curriculum development process, Schilling says teachers are more than willing to assist the government with a rewrite that reflects their extensive expertise and knowledge.

“We are committed to supporting the development of a high-quality curriculum, and the ATA is prepared to work constructively in partnership with the Government of Alberta toward that end,” he says. It is the only workable path forward. We just need to be invited.” ❚

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