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April 6, 2021


Teachers react to new draft K–6 curriculum

Facebook Feedback

Merissa Stemkowski

How can anyone be proud of this very embarrassing curriculum draft?

Stephanie Shakotko Gokarn

So far my feedback consists of every swear word I can think of.

Jenna Lindsay

Please, PLEASE, do something. We can’t be expected to teach this.

Anne Mouck

I’m sure we can all say we can’t teach this in good conscience. Does that mean we are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

Rachael Robinson

This curriculum for social studies is crazy! The religion component of Grade 6 is similar to a first-year university religion studies course I took. How can they expect 6-11 year olds to know this stuff!

Tina Rogers

Can we talk about the music curriculum where it ignores super famous composers and mandates we teach about Kenney’s grandpa instead?

Bri An

Is it possible to strike to refuse the new curriculum?

Paul Flowers

I have two words. Dumpster fire!

Annie Jacques

Welcome back anxiety ... for me and for the kids.

Leona Tomkow

What can we do to delay its release? Is there money in the budgets for new resources and PD?

Lorilee Bennett Philpot

I am so disappointed. How much were teachers involved or parents? I don’t know anyone who would agree to this curriculum.

Tracey Garland

Parents need to be better informed about this.

Bill Houston

Of course there is no political ideology involved in any of the learning outcomes … right. Lord preserve us.

Gerald-Wendy Feschuk

My first thought is timing — why would they choose to present this new curriculum when most teachers are on spring break? It has been a very difficult teaching year and a break to rest and rejuvenate with little stress was much needed and now this??? So much for caring about teachers.

On Twitter

Don Brookwell @brookwell_don

All over Alberta, teachers are giving up their evenings, rest or time with family to read and review this new curriculum. Unrecognized and unappreciated. There should have been proper, effective consultation during the writing period.

Wade Westworth @Mr_Westworth

Spent my lunch time looking at the new draft curriculum. My first impression is that this will do to our students (and thus our future) what open pit coal mining will do to our mountains and environment. Do better.


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