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Tale End

April 6, 2021



You know it’s spring when…

… my kindergarten friends go home covered in mud. Crissy Li

… rubber boots replace snow boots. Heather Quinn

... my students leave little wet sock prints from the boot trays to the classroom. Cheryl Trachimowich

… announcements include “please stay out of the large mud puddle in the field.” Sherry Duncan

… Lake (insert school name) returns to the parking lot. Michelle Holdway

… students come to the office to call home for dry clothes after too much puddle play. Larry Irla

… my students smell like sunshine and wet dog at the same time. Cherlyn Forth

… the Grade 9 kids leave their Lord-of-the-Flies stage and become part of human civilization again. Carolyn Dyck

… it snows three inches during the school day. Chris McLean-Sleger

… mud fills the hallways. Stephanie Ritter

… you are looking forward to spring break so you can mark essays for 10 days straight. Connie Carolan


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