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March 17, 2021


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Darren Moroz @darrenmoroz

Trust our teachers!!! Our day-to-day assessment is better than any one-hour test administered on one day of the year! STOP. WASTING. MONEY!!!

Christie @ChristieNold

Friendly reminder: Teachers unions = Teachers. When you say, “I love teachers, I just hate the union” what I hear is “I love teachers who are quietly compliant and are denied the ability to organize.”

Allison Jade @allisonjade

Something that isn’t being talked about much is the closure of the ADLC (Alberta Distance Learning Centre) by the UCP and the massive gap that will be left without it.

22,000 students are affected. 

22,000 students will lose access to high-school education program options.

Alison Palmer @alijanepalmer

I guess a PD day is a good day to have a bit of a breakdown and a good, long cry. Sending so much love to all my teacher friends out there.

Facebook Feedback

On budget 2021 containing no new money for change in curriculum

Donna Knopper-Singleton

I am not spending another cent in my classroom until we get some proper budget. I am done with taking money out of my salary for resources, toys and books. No other profession in Canada does this. Can you imagine what doctors would say if they had to pay for their own needles and such in a hospital?

Jennifer Black

Unbelievable. Such a important job and yet... Jason Kenney our future is our kids. Kids need to be educated properly. Teachers have a big job daily and deserve to have the resources to get the job done. Times are tough and I get that, but if you can find it in the budget for private schools, you can find it for public.

Thomas Mike

And the money that was used to create the new curriculum went out of province and even out of country....



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