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Teacher values are shining during pandemic


September 15, 2020


Recently a colleague gave me a copy of David Johnston’s book Trust, a book I had been looking forward to reading as part of my own professional growth. Johnston, a former governor general, says that his teachers possessed “a particular value or set of values that [he] admired and wished to adhere to in [his] own life.” His commentary about teachers and values sat with me for a while as the ATA worked on strengthening the government’s re-entry plans for the fall.

When I reflect on what Alberta teachers have been asked to do since March, changing the way classes were taught literally overnight, it strengthens my admiration for my colleagues. Teachers have demonstrated many admirable values, such as resiliency, creativity, professionalism and empathy.

These last few weeks of summer have been unlike anything I have experienced, and that is probably true for many of you. The frustrations, anxiety and stress of starting a new year teaching during a pandemic are profound. Once again, teachers are being asked to do something extraordinary, to deliver education in a way they have never had to do before.

As they did last spring, teachers are demonstrating that their values are providing a tremendous service to their students, their students’ families and the entire public education system. My admiration for my colleagues is growing stronger by the day. ❚

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