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Back In Class


September 15, 2020

Students at Banff Elementary School show their “COVID-free hands” that they use to give high fives and play freeze tag while physically distancing.

Despite the difficult circumstances, what have you enjoyed most about returning to the classroom?

Allicia Lynne MacAlister
The kids I never would have expected it from saying “I am actually really glad to be back.”

Donna Knopper-Singleton
All the lovely comments from the parents about how positive their child’s first day of kindergarten was. And of course reading to them and not having to worry about my Wi-Fi glitching up or having a lag! The kids can respond in a normal and spontaneous way.

Jo-Anne Wickes
I heard a parent in Shoppers talk about how grateful she was to her son’s high school teacher, and was buying her an orchid. It made my day!

Ashley Gerein
Seeing even kinders wear masks all morning and wash their hands so well. Parents have been doing their homework.

Brenda Smith
Their faces when they clue in to how Curious George is about to “solve” his problem. Well, like, their eyeballs I guess.

Amanda Bain
I have been so proud of how quickly the kids have adapted to new protocols in school. I was so nervous, but being around the kids reminds me how important school and teachers are. I sure missed teaching in a classroom!



Lorelei Gertz-Cummins
Despite having to wear a mask constantly in my class, the students have been pretty great about adjusting to a new normal. After a few days in, teaching has come back to me like riding a bicycle.

Lana Marie
When my class laughed and cheered playing PIG. My heart soared!

Cindy Mandseth
Staggered entry is awesome and “zombie” line-ups sure help keep kids in their own spaces! Definitely NOT that awful sanitizer we were provided.

Allison Plamondon
Actually seeing the kids in the classroom made me feel so much better, I feel 100% better about things this Friday than I did last Friday. I love that throughout the craziness, kids are still kids and it didn’t take long to feel a bit of normalcy again. The first little note that a student made me saying they love school made it all worth it.

Jennifer Anne
Seeing my little ones playing, (distanced and sanitized), on the playground. For the first time in months, it felt “normal.”

Debbie McKinlay
Feeling the kids’ excitement for learning!




Staff at Senator Buchanan Elementary School in Lethbridge had special buttons made so students could see their smiling faces. “Smiling with your eyes is hard so this will help!” said principal Lenee Fyfe on Twitter.


Shea Fedorak of Berry Creek Community School in Cessford shows off one of several masks she had custom-made.

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