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It’s PEC election time – get ready to run!

September 15, 2020 ATA News Staff

The Alberta Teachers’ Association is calling for nominations to its Provincial Executive Council (PEC).

Teachers interested in running for a position on PEC can find information on eligibility, the nomination process, responsibilities, remuneration and more, in the Candidates’ Handbook which is available on the ATA website for viewing or downloading.

This PEC election will be a bit different as last school year the Association struck a committee to review election processes. Two of the more significant changes made as the result of committee recommendations include the introduction of a nomination day and the requirement of candidate registration.

Nomination day

Nomination day is Jan. 21, 2021 and is the single day on which all candidates must submit their completed nomination forms to the Association. Candidates can deliver their nomination forms in-person, by email, even by fax, but the forms must be received within the 24-hour period of that one day.

The introduction of nomination day gives all candidates the same time period for campaigning as the publication and distribution of candidate campaign materials is not allowed until after the official announcement of candidates.

Candidate registration

Candidates must now register to run in PEC elections. The purpose of candidate registration is to allow the Association to directly communicate updates and instructions to candidates throughout the election cycle. This is very important during any election but will be even important this year as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change plans on a regular basis.

Registration also confirms eligibility for the official assistance the Association provides to candidates. This year, that assistance includes the option of posting fillable PDF nomination forms on behalf of any registered candidate if the traditional method of gathering signatures on paper forms is not possible or not desirable due to the pandemic.

Candidates may register at any time between now and nomination day on Jan. 21, 2021.

Get ready to run!

“There is a lot that candidates need to do in order to be ready by nomination day,” says Robert Mazzotta, who serves as the returning officer for PEC elections in addition to his role as co-ordinator of the Teacher Employment Services program area.

Reading over the Candidates’ Handbook is the best thing anyone can do to learn about the nomination process, the rules around campaigning and the responsibilities of being a member of PEC, Mazzotta says.

If you are interested in representing your colleagues and your profession, go to the ATA website and find out more about what it takes to be a candidate in the 2021 PEC election.

What is PEC?

PEC is the 20-member executive committee which directs the business of the Association. It is formed by the ATA president, two vice presidents, the past president, 15 district representatives and the executive secretary. With the exception of the past president and executive secretary, all positions are elected once every two years by the ATA membership. 

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