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ATA Magazine seeks submissions from teachers

September 15, 2020 Cory Hare, ATA News Managing Editor

Teachers involved in creative side projects or with stories about memorable lessons are encouraged to send their submissions into the ATA Magazine.

The ATA Magazine wants to hear from creative teachers.

The magazine’s editors are busy gathering material for upcoming issues and are on the lookout for teachers who have memorable lessons to share with their colleagues, and teachers who have creative works to publicize.

About a year ago, the magazine launched a redesigned format that includes more content submitted from teachers in the field. The redesign brought about the creation of two new features: Most Memorable Lesson and Who’s Out There?

Most Memorable Lesson is an anecdote recounting a lesson that was memorable for its spectacular success or failure.

“As teachers, we all know that we often learn the most from those lessons that go horribly wrong, but it’s also fun to share those lessons that go well, so those are the stories we’re looking for,” says editor-in-chief Joni Turville.

Who’s Out There? is a listing of creative works by Alberta teachers, such as published books, podcasts, music albums or even art gallery showings.

“We’re really excited to provide numerous outlets for teachers to connect with their colleagues, so I encourage all teachers to contribute to the magazine as much as possible,” Turville said. ❚


Have an idea?

Teachers wishing to contribute to Most Memorable Lesson or Who’s Out There? can contact ATA Magazine section editor Jen Janzen at  

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