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August 27, 2020


Facebook Feedback 

On school re-entry

Katelynn Anne

It needs to be addressed that MANY classrooms do not have desks and it is not possible to have students not facing one another. In our school, we only have large tables that seat 3–5 students. I feel like they think we all sit in rows. In many classrooms that just isn’t possible!

Jason Peters

Class size is the answer we are all looking for. And two masks for the whole year? With constant washing they won’t last a month.

Dionne Rognvaldson Anan

K–3 and K–4 schools with classes of 20+ will have challenges with social distancing and this will leave whole schools or at least most of a school population unmasked with no plan!

Jad Abboud

While I am a bit worried about myself, my biggest concern is about my own kids who are in division one. I am able to distance myself from my Grade 9 students to a certain point, but kids who are in Grade 1 and in Grade 3 will not be able to do it safely based on this plan.

Michelle Gill Caird

There is definitely evidence that young children can and do spread the virus, so for us K–3 teachers, we are basically part of a large experiment to see how far, fast and wide our youngest students can transmit the virus. I’m not sure I want to be willing to participate in scientific research when it could mean infecting my husband, who is at high risk for developing serious complication and/or death.

On Twitter 

On the Annual Representative Assembly

Ms. O @MsOTweets77

TEACHERS approved the budget. Not a union boss. Not a union head. Not a union department. TEACHERS decided how those membership dues will be dedicated. Remember this when someone tells you it’s the “union.”

Kevin McBean @kmcbean

Day 2 of @albertateachers #ARA2020 means debate on budget and resolutions that advance public education and serve students and teachers. This is democracy in action — no “union bosses” here, though I appreciate advocacy and leadership from @schill_dawg!

Jenny Regal @JennyRegalYYC

Still awake after adjournment almost two hours ago. Immensely proud of the dedication of #ARA2020 delegates. It got messy. Things didn’t always go smoothly. There are many lessons to be learned. But what an experience! Kudos to all who participated with an open heart & mind!