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What do you miss most about seeing your students in person?

Alberta teachers cope with COVID 19 pandemic

April 7, 2020


Teachers share their thoughts about working remotely

Deborah Nicholson
“I miss how, every single day, they made me laugh ... and cry and yell a bit inside and shake my head and smile and laugh and laugh and laugh.”

Carrie Bissoon 
“I miss telling people to take their hats off, pull pants up and handing out pencils. I miss watching my students rally around each other and show kindness. I miss seeing a student make connections between the assignment they are working on and the world they live in. I miss the noise of junior high and the chaos of lunch time. I miss watching students try something new in a flex option class. I miss looking forward to Easter long weekend and Friday afternoon. Most of all, I miss the faces of all my sweet babies and watching as they grow closer to the adults they will become.”

Dave Thiara 
“I miss everything. The good mornings, the how are you today, the light bulb moments in class, the funny comments they make, the thank you for teaching me, their optimism, their willingness to engage. School is truly one of the happiest, most rewarding places in my life. It’s not the same without my kiddos. Still, I try.”

Patrice Weiss 
“I miss my students’ unique personalities and quirkiness, especially how they addressed me sometimes without the Ms. and just called out “McIntyre!” ”

Malini Murthy 
“Getting to see the world through their eyes.”

Leana Howard
“I miss the big smiles and good mornings we get at the door every day. I miss the giggles and the genuine excitement for learning. I miss it all.”

Kinch Santha 
“As I now sit in my empty classroom, I miss seeing them walk past my room and seeing them smile or wave back. I miss the way they interact and their jokes and being reminded of being their age. I miss the excitement that was building in my Grade 12 students, and I miss the opportunity to celebrate with them. The last couple of months were the busiest and craziest months in my life, but I would gladly keep doing that to have my students be sitting in my room right now.”

Alex Funk 
“Absolutely everything. I miss the energy, the joy, the weird comments and funny conversations. I miss saying good morning, seeing the light up of a face when they figure out a concept, the excitement in everything we do.  I just miss my Grade 2s. I miss the personal connection. I miss it all.”

Rhonda Schneider 
“I miss the little things, like one boy who always flipped his hair out of his eyes before he answered me. The little girl who showed so much love through her eyes and shy little smile. The boy who always helped without even being asked. The little girl who asked how my day was going. I miss the connection with my kids!!!”

Lauren Victoria Wark 
“As a substitute teacher, I miss coming in to meet and spend time with different kids each day, and the excitement students show for having a guest teacher in their classroom! I also miss the  sweet notes I receive from them.”

Marla Young 
“I miss the stories of all the events  happening in their daily lives!”

Andrea Pantella McGeachie 
“The chaos of junior high — sometimes the noise in the halls is overwhelming — or their constant talking in class and waiting for them to settle and listen. I miss the chatter, the laughter, the busy-ness of it all.”

Meg Cross 
“I miss their quick, witty and often hilarious comments. My students are always making me smile and laugh.”

Annie Forney 
“I miss being interrupted by the spontaneous “I love you!” ”

Fan Hildisheim 
“I miss the smiles and the spontaneous stories that they have to share while you are teaching, and everything!”

Jennifer Mac 
“I miss the class meetings and the heartfelt gratitude statements they would make. Oh, and the hugs. Oh man those hugs were huge.”

Nicole Gatner 
“I miss surprise hugs, and secret drawings finding their way onto my desk. I miss seeing the lights of understanding flicker in the eyes of “my babies.” I miss the unending noise that is Grade 1.”

Gricelda Christiaens 
“I miss their smiles, compassion, friendships, love, willingness to help all the time, conversations. I miss my princesses and princes.”

Catherine Waddell 
“I miss just chatting with them and hearing about what’s going on with them. We spent the first few minutes of each video check-in chat today just joking around and enjoying the interaction.”

Corey Walyuchow 
“I miss seeing their faces light up when learning has taken place.”

Portia Lucia 
“I miss all the happy smiles and stories! Miss them all so much.”

Amber Pinchin 
“I miss the smiles when they see me in the morning and the look of “Aha! I get it!” ”

Roy Hernando 
“I miss their greetings, “hi music class.” ”

Hawley Lequiere 
“I miss all of it. I miss the time before classes when kids would be telling me about their lives or what movies I needed to see. I miss teaching content in the classroom, sure, but I really miss the ability to connect with my kids in the same room.”

Winnie Bang
“I genuinely miss the organized chaos. We kept busy and got our work done, but sometimes we were wild, laughed and just had so much fun together.”

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