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What gave you a warm, fuzzy feeling as you returned to the classroom?

September 25, 2018

Craig Baskerville

  • It’s my first year back in the classroom after three years of consulting for my school division. Needless to say I had some anxiety. In my first week I received an email from a student stating that he is very happy that I am his new social studies teacher. It was like a big hug!

Leanne Johnson

  • One of my students from last year, whom I have again this year for a different class, wrote in his welcome back letter that “last year I did not like writing until Mrs. Johnson showed me an easy way to write and how to be good at it.” 😁

Tiana Danielle

  • A student asking if they could make me art, and another student (who professed to “hate reading”) reading my book suggestion in one night and taking out the sequel the next day!

Rosa Bianca

  • Parents telling me their Grade 7 child is excited to be taking industrial arts classes with me!

Amanda Jane

  • I moved up to Grade 5 this year after teaching Grade 2 for the last five years. I’m fortunate enough to teach many former students this year, and the ones I didn’t have in Grade 2 are incredibly sweet as well. It’s nice coming into an amazing group of students and amazing parents too!

Rhonda Kelly

  • A parent bringing me homemade apple crisp one day and on the following day rhubarb crisp! Feeling the love! 😍

Nicole Mooney

  • Brand new school and division this year, and my colleagues and administration have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and valued. Feeling very blessed this year! 😊

Maj-Britt Bigotti

  • I had one rough class last year, and I had to be tough to keep the students focused. I have all the same students this year mixed into different classes. One of the students came up to me on the second day of classes and said I had a beautiful smile and an awesome laugh that she wished she could have heard last year. 😊

Paula Klinck

  • Gotta love it when your little kinders tell you that they had the best day ever, they just LOVE school or they cry because they don’t want to go home. 💖😊👩‍👧‍👦

Anella Eva

  • Four grades this year in our little one-room school house. And I love every student and every student loves me. Teaching is the best job!

Sue Kopchia

  • One of my students brought me a coffee mug all the way from his summer vacation in Jamaica!

Cassandra Lacroix

  • Three parents telling me my classroom feels like home on the first day. That, and the whispered, “I can’t wait to come back!”

Jessica Mary Michelle

  • On the first day of school one of my new Grade 1 students came up to me to give me an awkward hug. He looked up at me and just said “I love you Madame.” My heart melted. 😁

De Wittal Smith

  • A parent at meet-the-teacher night told me their child came home excited about LA, and they have never said that before. They just really liked my “vibe.”

Juanita nomad

  • First day of class, I spoke with a couple of my students who seemed to be feeling a bit isolated in their school as it is not as culturally diverse as some other schools. After sharing stories of growing up bicultural and with immigrant parents, when the students left my room I overheard them say, “She gets it bro!” That was a huge fuzzy for me. ❚

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