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Two new staff officers join ATA

September 4, 2018 ATA News Staff

In June 2018, Provincial Executive Council appointed four Alberta teachers to positions as executive staff officers with the Alberta Teachers’ Association. Featured here are two of the four new staff who assumed their new roles Aug. 1. Our next issue will feature Chris Gonsalvez and Myra Rybotycki.

Anne-Marie Huizing

Anne-Marie Huizing taught with Calgary ­Catholic Schools for 12 years before joining the Association as a staff member this summer. During her career, she was a mentor teacher in the area of technology, a learning coach and, most recently, the co-ordinating teacher for social studies at St. Anne Academic Centre. Huizing earned a BA, B.Ed. and M.Ed. at the University of Calgary. She is fluent in both English and French.

Huizing was first involved with the Association at the local level. She became a member of the Council of School Representatives for Calgary Separate School Local No. 55 when she was a first-year teacher. Later in her career she represented Division IV teachers on the local’s Teacher Welfare Committee (TWC). At the time of her hiring, she was an Association economic consultant, chair of her local TWC and vice-chair of the Negotiating Sub Committee.

5 more things about Anne-Marie

Who or what inspired you to be a teacher?

My mom. She completed her education degree while I was in elementary school and even subbed for one of my teachers. I can remember her lesson planning and creating course materials at home at the dining room table. My mom would tell us about her classes and the students she taught — her "kids" away from home. It was always exciting to visit her school and help paint sets for the drama production or work in her classroom. My mom was also a school rep for the local ATA. When I became a teacher, that was one of the first things I signed up to do!

The best thing about teaching is …

the people! At each school I worked at there were fantastic people to work with and learn from.

Anne-Marie’s favourite ...

animal: Cairn terriers

meal or snack: tacos

place in the world: Amsterdam, Banff, Florence

Dan Coles

Dan Coles comes to the Association from Elk Island Catholic Schools where, over the last 12 years, he had been a teacher, assistant principal and principal. Prior to that, he also taught at St. Albert Public Schools and Pembina Hills ­Public Schools. He earned a B.Ed., an M.Ed. and a graduate diploma in education at the University of Alberta.

Throughout his career Coles has maintained involvement with the ­Association at the local and provincial levels, starting as president of the ­student local at the University of Alberta. He has served the teachers of Elk ­Island Catholic Local No. 21 and Alberta through his work as a member of his local executive and his service on numerous committees. Prior to joining the Association, Coles was in his fifth year as a member of the Association’s Professional Conduct Committee.

Coles is an executive staff officer in the Member Services program area.

5 more things about Dan

Who or what inspired you to be a teacher?

I had an absolutely amazing Grade 6 teacher, Miss Quelch. She always showed so much interest in her students and made us feel very welcome in her class. She encouraged our learning and pushed us to be the best we could be. She taught me physical education and social studies. These would become my major and minor in my B.Ed. degree.

What is the greatest life lesson teaching has taught you?

Students, like everyone you meet, have a story. Taking the time to get to know those you meet will lead to truly rewarding relationships. Take the time!

Dan’s favourite ...

author: Tom Clancy or John Grisham

movie: Top Gun

snack: nachos

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