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2018 Gotcha Photo Contest

June 12, 2018
Thank you to all the teachers who participated in the contest. You made the judges' decisions very difficult.

1st — Student Monica Wantok enjoys a beautiful spring day with a gleeful swing.

Photographer: Dawnelle Salant, St. Mark School, Calgary
Date of photo: May 8, 2018


Judges’ comments: The photographer has captured the subject at the pinnacle of glee. Beyond the captivating facial expression, the vibrancy of the girl’s top adds interest and impact. The lines created by the swing set and its chains help draw the eye to the subject.

2nd — Grade 12 student Carley Doneff of Monsignor McCoy High School in Medicine Hat battles her way down the court during a basketball tournament at Savanna High School in Anaheim, Calif.

Photographer: John Laing, Medicine Hat High School
Date of photo: Dec. 27, 2017


Judges’ comments: The photo captures the gritty and intense facial expressions that are generated by sporting competition. Compositionally, the background is relatively free of clutter — difficult to achieve with action-packed sports.

3rd — Grade 3 pupils Lincoln Smith, Riley Burdess and William Houle exhibit joy and excitement of having phys. ed outside with no snow on the ground.

Photographer: Bilyana Tokusheva, St. Catherine School, Grande Prairie
Date of photo: April 30, 2018


Judges’ comments: This is another photo in which pure glee is a strong, fundamental element. Like the boys leaping into the play area, this unbridled joy leaps out of the image.


Students Sophia Rubiano and Aaron Selassie peer through a lens ball while climbing a play structure. Note: the photo is presented upside down in order for the students to appear right side up.

Photographer: Dawnelle Salant, St. Mark School, Calgary
Date of photo: May 10, 2018


Judges’ comments:
This photo immediately grabs the viewer’s attention because of the uniqueness of the composition. It also presents a fun challenge for the brain to figure out what’s going on.

Students Addison Kobza and Faith Loblick (reflected) share a mirror as they prepare to participate in a mime show.

Photographer: Darryl Propp, Landing Trail School, Gibbons
Date of photo: Oct. 26, 2017

Judges’ comments: Reflections often make for compelling images. With this one, the photographer was able to create a nifty funhouse effect that is initially confusing, and then satisfying.

Grades 1 and 2 students create sidewalk chalk drawings for others to enjoy at their school.

Photographer: Laura Farley, Colonel J. Fred Scott School, Calgary
Date of photo: April 5, 2018


Judges’ comments:
This photo has a lot going on that generates interest — light, shadow, textures, colour — as well as the lingering question: What are they drawing?


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