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January 17, 2017

On the Twittersphere


Jay Gamble @DrJayDrNo
Hey, #abed teachers. We know you deal with a lot of crap. Most parents respect what you do. Thanks for everything.

Peter Skinner
Anyone who spends 7 hours a day moulding my kid deserves my respect. Teachers rock. The. End.

Myrna Dembicki
Thanks, to you & other parents. We do it because we recognize the importance of our job. Teaching and learning are a passion for teachers.

Bianca Venkat @saradhruvmom
First principle of education is to respect the authority of parents.

Sean Beaton @backcountrynut
My first principle is to my students.

Kayle Clark @kaclk
First principle of education is to educate the students, duh.  2nd principle is that it’s about students, not parents.

Peter Skinner @PeterRSkinner  
The first principle of education is the passing of knowledge to children. Parental comfort secondary.

Wrong. First principle of education is to respect the students as individuals and people. They are not the property of parents.

Dr. Justin Tarte @justintarte
Allowing a kid to retake an assessment says to the kid you believe in them & their ability to do better; it says your learning is my goal.

Sheri Thomas @MrsThomS
3yr old daughter telling me about preschool today with excitement: “Mom, Jesus is a superhero!” Cath ed rocks!

Phil McRae @philmcrae
Did you know Alberta’s law requires students to ­report cyberbullying if they witness it? Public lecture Jan 26.

Walking Together @ATAindigenous
Thank you @esolano_1 and the creative team at ATA for your well thought out art consideration creating the Walking Together resources!

Michael Janz @michaeljanz
Ads for $$$ private schools remind me that (like ­Ontario) it’s time to reduce the #abed #ableg subsidy of private schools to $0.

Sean Beaton @backcountrynut
Signed out books from the @albertateachers ­library on Monday. They were delivered today! Great resource!


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