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November 8, 2016

On the Twittersphere

Tweets about ATA’s PRISM Secondary resource

Dennis Theobald @WhiffofGrape
@jkenney It is hardly radical to seek to actively recognize and welcome gender minority students. It is the law and a classroom reality.

Sandra Jansen @SANDRAYYCNW
Sometimes school is the only place a child can feel safe. Thankful for our AB teachers who know that & respond. Thank a teacher today.

Dr. Kristopher Wells @KristopherWells
As a teacher, I’m very proud of @albertateachers for leading the way in creating welcoming, safe & respectful schools for LGBTQ students.

Carolyn @CarolynBlas
The only people who object to the Prism toolkit are people who want to keep #LGBTQ students in the margins.

Kent @SameOldKent
One million thumbs up to @albertateachers for this awesome and inclusive teaching guide.

pam i am @mommygalore
My trans kid is supported and included at school but too many are not. PRISM is essential.

Tweets from Early Childhood Education Council conference


A Janiga @alijaniga
At #ecec2016, @DrJeanforkids reminds us to “connect before you correct or redirect!”

Grade1E @MrsEsteves1
Child anxiety is higher than it has ever been. Play gives opportunity to succeed and fail.

Serena Chouinard @okanoah
Best predictor of how children will do later in life is social and emotional intelligence — how well they get along, share, regulate.

Comments by delegates of Second Languages and Intercultural Council (SLIC) conference (Do You Speak Tech 2.0?)

It is one of the best PD sessions I have ever attended.

This was a fabulous way to make some connections and learn something new. Even though I was familiar with a number of the technologies, I heard lots of new ideas for uses.

It’s not just about using technology but rather it highlights ways of using it to enhance target language usage for students.

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