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Teachers encouraged to complete curriculum survey

November 8, 2016 ATA News Staff
A new online survey is gathering Albertans' input into K-12 curriculum reform.

The Alberta Teachers’ Association is strongly encouraging all teachers to complete an online survey launched by Alberta Education to gather input as part of an ongoing review of the province’s K–12 curriculum.

Over the next six years, Alberta Education will be introducing new curriculum in all grades across the subject areas of language arts (English, français, French), math, social studies, sciences, arts and wellness education.

“Teachers today have the best opportunity they have ever had to make a real, meaningful impact on public education in Alberta,” said ATA president Mark Ramsankar. “Renewing Alberta’s curriculum across eight subject areas at all grade levels is an extensive project and we must ensure teachers’ voices are clearly heard.”

The first part of the two-part survey includes 12 general questions and is estimated to take seven minutes to complete. The second part of the survey goes through specific questions related to the current curriculum of each of the eight subject areas under review. Most questions ask respondents if the various pieces of content need to have an increased or decreased emphasis or whether they should remain “as is.” Participants can complete as much or as little of the second part as they are interested in.

The online survey, which can be accessed from various electronic devices, will close on Nov. 18. Alberta Education will also be working with the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia to host face-to-face discussions over the same time period. Information on these sessions can be found at

Additional opportunities for teacher input will be available throughout the program drafting process. ❚

Complete the survey
The survey is available at ­

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