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Did You Know

November 8, 2016

The Association’s Teacher Welfare program area has developed a maternity information online tool for teachers who are expecting to expand their families. The informative videos and resource kit for maternity and parental leaves answer many of the most often asked questions about the benefits to which pregnant teachers are eligible before and during their maternity leave.

In addition to maternity benefit information, the online tool also provides sample letters to notify your employer of your intent to take a leave of absence, to return to work and even to extend your leave.

Access the maternity information online tool at

For more information, and if you have specific questions, contact the Alberta Teachers’ Association Teacher Welfare program area. Phone 780-447-9400 in Edmonton; 1-800-232-7208 from elsewhere in Alberta; fax: 780-455-6481; email: ❚

Did You Know highlights programs and resources offered by the Alberta Teachers’ Association. Watch for instalments in future issues of the ATA News.

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