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October 25, 2016


Tweets from Beginning Teachers’ Conference in Calgary: #YYCBTC

Kim Wrathall @Educ8trKim

So inspiring being at the Beginning Teachers‘ Conference to present today. Great to see new faces entering the profession.

Jaclyn Aman @JaclynAman

Phew, just got home from the Beginner Teachers‘ Conference. Such a great experience! Thank you @GrasslandsATA34 for the opportunity!

Michelle Smart @MrsM_Smart

Already have new D.I./mindful/assessment ideas in my lessons for Monday! Thanks #yycbtc.

Jackie Davidson @MissDavidson37

Such a great conference, inspired and excited to try new things starting Monday!

Miss Ashley Speakman @Powell_Speakman

Such a great weekend with many new ideas to bring back to the classroom! Thanks #yycbtc.

Alyssa McQuaid @alyssamcquaid

Had such an awesome weekend!! I can’t wait to bring all these real-world strategies back to @Mike_MTN_Horse next week!

Anna Gotgilf @Iam_AMG

@d_martin05 just stole the #yycbtc show! Thank you for the reminder of what math ed really is/should be!!

Ms. Mackintosh @MsAmberM

@LetsTalkScience amazing session on integrating literature into science to facilitate wonder in your students!

Kelsey Graham @MissKGraham11

You have to believe YOU can do math if you want your kids to do it. All kids can be successful in math. Change your own mindset!

Sarah Roston @MsRoston

@EvaLeBlanc01 Discussing how to help kids visualize manipulating formulas at #yycbtc. Any tricks up your sleeve?

Lara Thielen @misslthielen

Final day at #yycbtc this morning. Learnt a lot of strategies to start incorporating Monday! Great PL.

Tweets from #abed

Karen Trotter @karenanntrotter

Teachers can make a difference in students’  lives because of the amount of time that they dedicate to each and every one of them!

Dr. Kristopher Wells @KristopherWells

Highly rejecting families increase the likelihood of an LGBTQ youth attempting suicide by EIGHT times. Supportive families are key.

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