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September 27, 2016

Tweets from #abed

Carol Henderson @HendersonATA
There is a better way. ATA calls on govt to keep their promise now and end PAT program for 6 & 9.

Luke Fevin @According2Luke
Many confuse “Right to educate their children as they see fit” with “Right to demand publicly funded school do it for them.”

Sean Beaton @backcountrynut
Great discussion this morning with my Gr 11
students about the difference btwn ethnic and civic nationalism.

Amber Hartwell @Amber_Hartwell
What? I can’t use my phone? I HAVE to use an atlas?! #oldschool #cbeliteracy

Helen Clease @Cleaseh
Congrats to all zone 1 Edwin Parr nominees. The future is in good hands. #asba

Miss Shelby Stark @MissShelbyStark
Intentionally give [positive] feedback at least 4 times for every time you give [negative] feedback. #takeawayoftheday #edchat

ULethbridgeEducation @UlethbridgeEdu
Takeaway: as a teacher, nothing is more important than being kind ~ Devon Donahue-Reid

David Eggen @davideggenAB
Mathematics will be a key component of our curriculum development. These kids are ready for it!

Blaine Badiuk @BlaineBadiuk
Hopefully the new math curriculum will focus on spatial reasoning and deeper understanding instead of memorization!

MDL @popsicles10
It’s physically crowded in the room. It’s hot & stuffy. Add some behaviour problems & kids are slipping through cracks.

Carolyn @CarolynBlas
10 yr old came home today talking about the impact of residential schools on indigenous communities and TRC. Great work @yyCBEdu

Dr. Kristopher Wells @KristopherWells
The wheels of justice continue to grind slowly for our LGBTQ students. Each day without a policy is another day at risk.

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