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Tale End: Come Sail Away

June 13, 2017
“Sailing on the Atlantic.”
– Response from Lee Martin, a Grade 6 teacher at Calgary’s Saint Teresa of Calcutta School, shown here on his sailboat the Voile-là.

Come sail away!
Come sail away!
Come sail away
with Lee!

Teachers plan summers of travel and sleep

The ATA News asked teachers via ­Facebook: As summer break approaches, what are you most looking forward to?

Wendy Hatton 
Heading to Africa with a fellow teacher and colleague! Can’t wait for some hard earned R & R!

Lori Karoly Szmul
Taking the whole family, including my granddaughter and brother, to the July 8 Saskatchewan Roughrider game in the new Mosaic stadium! Seven of us enjoying the prairie sunshine!

Catherine MacLellan 
Heading to Nova Scotia for six weeks. Lots of beach time, reading, day trip and spending time with family and friends. Oh, and no real "set" agenda. Love that about summer!

Heide Doppmeier 
A cruise to Estonia, Russia, Finland and Sweden while visiting my cousin in Germany, followed by a cousins' reunion in Dresden!

Paige Wilson
Biking in Ireland! And hiking in Italy!

Vinny Bridgewater 
Time to read, refresh, workout and hike the beautiful mountains we have in Alberta!!

Barbara Roycraft Madsen
Mahatma Gandhi Institute at U of A, then a trip to England.

Danielle Jacklyn
Going home to see my family in Newfoundland.

Arthur Cota
My hometown: Sharbot Lake, Ontario.

Cheryl Morrow
Having my first summer since graduating high school off of work! Gardening, reading and suntanning. Oh, and sleeping in!

Cassandra Lacroix 
Sleeping in. Morning latte. Building an awesome summer with my four sons! In that order. Every day!

Shirene Napier 
First: sleep.
Second: taking my boys to LEGOLAND!

Lori Irvine-Pickerell 
Sleeping in!!!

Alysia Marie Bailey 

Shawna Turner
Sleep! Time with friends and family! Wearing normal clothing!

Marci Zino Laevens 
Sleeping in

Patti Parker

Sherri DayCoffee and breakfast on my deck without having to rush.

Jennifer Eileen 
My sister is having a baby! So excited to spend time with her and her new family!

Amanda Katherine
Hoping I'm not spending my summer hoping I have a job in

Shawna Frentz 
Starting my master's course work. Monday after school's out is back to class time!

Tom Klimaszewski 
Spending everyday with my young family and golf, of course.

Lindsay Brown
Summer Conference!!!!

Lindsay Jones
Not having to pack lunches!

Lorraine Kirk
Going to the bathroom whenever I want to!

Leanne Johnson 
Camping, fishing, and beach time with my own littles!

Heather Vowles 
Slow mornings!

Chad Boyko 
Not stressing about marking and spending my personal time doing both.

Dave Thiara
1969 Dodge Charger needs some attention, hanging out with my children, possibly going on a vacation.

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