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May 30, 2017

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From the Annual Representative Assembly (#ARA2017)

Jennifer Crook @Jennugget_

Feeling grateful to have attended the 100th #ARA2017 of the Alberta Teachers Association. Proud to be a part of this profession.

Kathy Vladicka @kathyd_teach

Just got teary @ #ARA2017 when thanking @Nancyba1 for her long service to the teachers of Fort Mac, especially this past year.

Alicia Enslen @AliciaEnslen

I highly recommend that if other student locals have the opportunity to attend that they should do so. So much to take in and learn.

Ms. D’Souza @MsDSouza

Glad that my 1st ARA just so happened to be the 100th meeting. What an amazing experience with @ATALocal29 & @albertateachers et al.

Phil McRae @philmcrae

Professional autonomy is the opening theme at #ARA2017. A great start from @davideggenAB celebrating 100 years of @albertateachers.

Markiana Hryschuk @MissMarkiana

Thx AB teachers 4 supporting Catholic teachers & Catholic education in AB.

Donnella @Donnella_P

Teachers are the Association. I saw that this past weekend.

Joel French @JoelFrench

Blakeman’s keystone contribution to #abed is mandatory gay–straight alliances in any AB school students want them. Impressive work.

Education-related tweets (#abed)

Andrew Doyle @AndrewkDoyle

Excited to engage in reconciliatory learning with @ATAindigenous @albertateachers today at @GreyEagleResort on Tsuu T’ina Nation.

Edwin @edwinmundt

Alberta schools should be encouraging students to make history. That’s why they exist.

Derek Collins@easterndesert

Bring back funding for trained school counsellors.

Facebook Feedback

Comments on SLAs becoming optional for teachers

Heather Gagne

I surely hope the individual districts and administration leave this up to the teachers to decide.

Marc Doucette

Any chance we can make the PATs optional also!?

Kelly H.

Well this is awesome news!

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