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April 25, 2017

Facebook comments about the government announcement to expand its school nutrition program

Tom Yohemas
Hurrah! While visiting a small school at Skabu (in the mountains of Norway west of Lillehammer) I was happy to see they had a fridge with fruit and milk for the students to use.

Selina M Kruchten
Money well spent!

Carolyn Skretting
Awesome! Bout time the future got better care in the beginning!

Tweets from the ATA’s uLead conference
in Banff, April 9-12 (#Ulead17)

Sterling @spaiha
My 1st @uleadconference. One of the best conferences I’ve been to in quite some time. I’ll definitely be back.

Brenda Vandermeer @BrendaVanderme2
Thank you! I loved all the deep learning, in such a beautiful atmosphere, with great educators. See you next year!

Cynthia Glaicar @CGlaicar
The single most important factor to success for jr & high school students is believing they have someone who knows them deeply.

Carol Campbell @CarolCampbell4
Great to discuss our Alberta case study of professional learning with @ab_teacher @MarkATAPres #Ulead17.

Crystal Dahl @HersheyCrystal
@SimonBreakspear “I don’t believe in school improvement anymore. I believe in team improvement! Invest in middle-level leadership.”

Dennis Shirley @dennisshirley
Teacher teams: The engine room of school improvement @SimonBreakspear.

Laurel Beaton @laurelbeaton
Are students only allowed to learn what the teachers know or can we create learning environments where learning is endless?

Twitter reaction to poll showing Albertans favour phasing out public funding for private schools.

Progress Alberta @progressalberta
Should elite private schools that charge more than $10k a year get $30 million in subsidies a year?

Dylan Chevalier @DPChevalier
No. That is better spent improving public education. Like expanding the lunch program to include junior/senior high students.

Mike B. @Flaymeheart
To me, a private school is that: private. Parents pay extra for kids to attend so they should attend to their own funding … not my school tax.

Barry Davidson @Bdavidson911
A public school student receives a minimum of $15k before other grants. I guess they are elite too.

Lynn Johnston @lynnjohnston15
Reallocation of public dollars spent on private schools would support reduced class sizes and would increase classroom supports. ❚

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