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April 11, 2017

Facebook reaction to editorial
“School boards need to hire,”

published March 28, 2017 

Deidre Mitchell

Every class with 25 or more kids needs an EA and if there are special needs kids in the mix, they need another EA.

Wayne Schlosser 

I don’t agree with you totally. Are all IB and advanced placement classes with 25 students in need of an EA? Are all 10-1, 20-1, 30-1 classes with 25 students at the high school level in need of an EA? EAs should be based on student need not classroom numbers. Just my opinion.

Natalie Baman 

Anytime a class leaves the school, the ratio is one adult to every 10 children (at least in my district). Is it so unreasonable to set ratios for the classroom to ensure the safety and learning needs of all students? Twenty-five to one is honestly absurd if that one teacher is expected to look out for each and every student on an individual basis.

Malorie Petersen 

Wow. This is eye-opening. There is evidence to show class sizes affect academic performance. If the government and school boards truly care about the education of kids, they should be putting as much money as possible towards hiring. Class sizes are getting ridiculous.

Roo Sell 

This issue has come up before, but typically it’s the media saying spend the reserves. I recall the issue being raised during the Redford days and during the Prentice days. 


On the new tax credit for teaching supplies

Shawna Kerr-Smith 

Teachers shouldn’t have to use their own money to provide supplies needed to teach our children. I don’t need to buy my own office supplies as the employee of someone else’s company. Why do they?

Colleen McAloon 

Even Revenue Canada won’t believe the amounts teachers spend!!!

Maggie Day 

Not great though ... only 15% of $1,000 spent on supplies ... approx. $150 returned back to the teacher.

Tracy J. Gingrich 

That’s it? Wow, guess it’s better than nothing. If teachers have to pay for all their own supplies, then the prime ministers should have to pay for their own vacations!

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