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March 28, 2017
Social media reaction to PEC election results

Leslie Campbell (from Facebook)

Congrats to all. And thanks to every single candidate that put themselves out there. It takes great courage to stand before colleagues and I applaud them for doing so. Best of luck to our new leadership. Lead us well. With integrity. With grit. With teachers and students in the front of mind always.

ATA Local 48 @ATALocal48

Fort McMurray teachers are so excited to have @Nancyba1 representing us on PEC!

Reaction on Facebook March 14, ATA News column  “Public funding should be reallocated from private to public schools.”

Evelyn Keith

As a former public school teacher and former candidate for school board trustee, I definitely support this view. As a teacher and a parent it drove me crazy that we were expected to sell wrapping paper and work casinos to boost our school budgets. Casino money went towards “extras” such as computers. We created “have and have not” schools based on which parent community was willing to be active fundraisers. No casino, no laptops. Just imagine how much could be done with the $100 million that is presently going to private schools.

Patricia Dianne

If you don’t want to take public transit, you buy a car. There is no subsidy. If you want a private security guard over publically funded police, you pay for it without subsidy. Education should be the same.

Reaction on Facebook March 14, ATA News editorial “Expectations heaped on teachers shouldn’t interrupt reasonable workday breaks.”

Merry Dechamplain

The incidents teachers could write about could cripple a mind. I remember realizing I hadn’t used the facilities since I’d left home in the morning and it was then 4 p.m. as I travelled home. Not good.

Gayle Berry

I required surgery due to just this! The bladder can only withstand so much abuse!

Sean Sommerfeld

Are we somehow exempt from the employment standards everyone else has? Teachers need a breather, too.

Monique Soetaert Cooper

Not all school boards have paid supervisors. My district doesn’t, so teachers have lunch supervision as well as schools with high percentages of bused students.

Andrea Lowe Davis

We are expected to stay at work for 12 hours two to three days a week for parent teacher conferences with no time for lunch and only 30 minutes for dinner.

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