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March 28, 2017

Students from Percy Baxter School in Whitecourt participate in Mukluk Day on March 20. The annual event groups students in teams that compete in a variety of outdoor games.

Teachers and students engage in a final flurry of winter activities

Staff members from Herald School in Medicine Hat participate in a Polar Plunge event on March 11. The event is a fundraiser for Special Olympics Alberta; the Herald team raised almost $900.

Students in the outdoor pursuits class at Peace Wapiti Academy in Grande Prairie show off a four-person quinzhee they built on March 15. The snow shelter, which can be used for winter camping or survival, is made from gathering a large pile of snow then hollowing it out.

Students Yehbin Jeon (foreground) and Walker Wearden enjoy some bannock during a day of outdoor events at Lac Cardinal near Grimshaw on March 21.

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