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Committee members sought

March 13, 2017 Bromley Chamberlain, ATA News Staff

The Alberta Teachers’ Association wants you to sit on one of its 22 committees, but you have to act quickly — the application deadline is March 31.

As the professional organization of teachers in Alberta, the Association depends on the professional judgment and insight that teachers provide through their committee work, says associate executive secretary Dennis Theobald.

“Every aspect of our work is informed by or entailed in one of our committees,” he said.

Provincial Executive Council maintains a number of standing committees on topics of concern to teachers plus a number of other committees that carry out various aspects of the Association’s affairs.

For example, there are committees ­focused on curriculum, pensions, strategic planning and political engagement.

Committees range in size from six to 18 members and generally consist of at least one Council member, at least one staff officer and a number of practising teachers who are selected based on their expertise, their commitment to the Association and, in some cases, their geographic location and area of specialization.

“If you are interested in how the ­Alberta Teachers’ Association works or if you’re interested in potentially seeking elected office, there’s no better way to learn than by serving on a committee,” Theobald said.

Adam Browne and Ariana Mancini are both committee volunteers as members of the Strategic Planning Group (SPG), and both say the experience is extremely rewarding.

“The connection with the other field members and teachers on the committee — it has been extraordinary,” Browne said.

“I have loved it, it has been amazing,” he continued. “It really expanded my own view.”

Mancini agreed, saying her committee work has definitely been worth the time commitment.

“I really feel that being part of SPG has given me a real understanding of the inner workings of the Association, which are vast and complex,” she said. “I think it has broadened my perception of all the global trends that affect what is happening, not only to education on a national level, but also on the provincial level.”

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