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February 14, 2017

Facebook Feedback

We asked teachers, what speaker or session are you most looking forward to at your upcoming teachers’ convention?

April Aitken
Amanda Lindhout. Her book, A House in the Sky, is one of those books that changes your life. I can’t wait to hear her talk about forgiveness and resiliency.

Joanna Pederson Schipper
Amanda Lindhout!!! And Kurt Browning. Actually I could keep going … this year’s lineup is the best in 15 years!!!

On the Twittersphere

From North Central Teachers’ Convention (#NCTCA2017)

Charlene Assenheimer @cassenhe
Technology can’t replace a good teacher but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational.

Maggie Thibault @maggieavelo
To teach is to learn twice. Technology is more than a tool: reach out and teach the world!

Devon Bryce @TeachingMsB
Session on engaging reluctant readers is sending me to the bookstore.

Jenna Haugan @jennahaugan
My mission is to make sure my little ones leave each day more curious than when they arrived.

On the province’s curriculum review

Jason Kenney @jkenney
@jwporteous One of the stated objectives of the NDP’s curriculum review is to make students “effective agents of change.” That’s politics.

Sean Beaton @backcountrynut
I want my students to be agents of change in their lives and the lives of others. #NotAboutPolitics #GoodTeaching

General education tweets (#abed)

Support Our Students @SOSAlberta

Be it adults or children, we are stronger because of our diversity, not in spite of it.

Brian Torrance @briantorrance
Teacher well-being is important for a healthy school community. Enjoy @WinterWalkDay with a walk outside.


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