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Comments on Dennis Theobald being named the ATA’s next executive secretary.

Jessica Scalzo
Excellent choice!

Kristi Schabert Rouse

Nicole Mooney
Congrats Dennis!


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Alison Palmer @alijanepalmer
One of my proudest moments as a teacher was when I became a GSA advisor when students wanted one.

Support Our Students @SOSAlberta
GSAs are a positive part of school culture in #abed #Bill10 is supporting students across the province.

Grant Bertamini @MrBertamini
Oh, wow. I admit to being frustrated w our #abed system at times, but today I’m thankful #BetsyDeVos isn’t in Canada... Insanity in the USA.

From ATA-hosted discussions on privacy implications in networked classrooms (#etcata)

Steve Clark @stevewclark
There is definitely a need to refocus on #digitalcitizenship in our schools and districts.

Colette Mondor @colettemondor
The more I learn about (digital/networked) resources the more I feel that good pedagogy/teacher ed is the best inoculation to misuse.

glogan @glogan
All this big data and algorithmic surveillance talk leads me to believe that the student’s teacher cannot be replaced by HAL.

Daylene Lauman @DayleneLauman
Where do privacy rights begin and end? Great knowledge and expertise on the #etcata panel tonight.

Donna Miller Fry @fryed
Instead of telling kids what sites to trust, teach them to ask about what is missing in the information.

Danny Maas @dannymaas
Let’s commit this day to offering great advice to guide schools in using tech for learning safely & responsibly with students.

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