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North West

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My personal and professional focus on lifelong learning and continuous growth has led me down many paths of service within the ATA. In my 27 years of teaching I have had the opportunity to serve my colleagues in numerous positions in PD and Teacher Welfare. I currently hold positions on our local ATA council, our Economic Policy Committee, the Negotiating Subcommittee, and as vice-chair of the PD committee.

I would be honoured to use my past experiences in our professional organization in representing the teachers of northwestern Alberta as district representative. My teaching experiences began at Peerless Lake in Northland as a special education teacher and then led me back to central Alberta for the next six years. I realized after this time that the north was where I wanted to be. While interviewing me for a special education position in Fort Vermilion School Division, my interviewers expressed their surprise at this career move. I accepted the position and have enjoyed 20 years of teaching in Fort Vermilion School Division. My varied experiences teaching in the north would enable me to knowledgably serve those who call the northwest home. In serving as the DR I would make a commitment to representing all areas of our region equitably.

I believe that in this province we have more information and resources available to us now than at any other time in history. I also strongly believe that all of these supports should be available to every teacher while respecting their right to choose which ones will best support their teaching and their students’ learning. Ensuring adequate supports for our teachers as well as ensuring professional autonomy are core beliefs that have guided my service within the ATA.


My name is Peter MacKay, and I’m running for Northwest district representative of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. I’m a proud father of two and I’ve been happily married to my wife Stephanie for 25 years.

I’ve been a teacher for 19-and-a-half years: three with Peace River School Division and the rest with Grande Prairie Catholic Schools. In that time, I’ve worn a number of professional hats: a grades 7 to 12 teacher, school counsellor, special needs teacher, and three years as principal of St. Thomas More school. In addition, I’ve played a variety of volunteer roles: 16 years of coaching, drama club liaison, MC for dozens of school events, and countless other times when I’ve put up my hand and said “I’ll do it.”

Throughout my career I’ve been active in the Association: Economic Policy Committee (EPC) and Negotiation Subcommittee member, EPC chair, pension consultant and C2 committee representative. I am currently proud to be the president and EPC chair of Grande Prairie Catholic Local No. 42, a member of a tri-local DEHR committee, and an economic consultant for the Association.

I’m running for DR because I believe that the ATA needs to evolve. We do an exemplary job of supporting teachers, but we need to find new ways to serve the profession as the pace of societal change accelerates.

Teachers know that the situation in Alberta schools grows more challenging every year. Our classrooms become increasingly complex, demands on our time continue to escalate, and respect for our professional judgment keeps dwindling.

Teachers are the best navigators of this change; we need the Association to help us achieve the kind of working conditions and professional autonomy that will enable us to find the best way forward for our profession and for our pupils.

Please support me with your vote for Northwest district representative.


I am honoured to have represented the Northwest district of the Alberta Teachers’ Association for two terms as district representative. I have visited teachers from Grande Prairie to High Level to Wabasca. The incredible passion and dedication of teachers inspire my efforts to ensure the voice of educators is heard. I strive to continue to be a bridge between the teachers I represent and the provincial Association.

Teacher workloads have increased and intensified. In the face of adversity, Alberta teachers stand strong for students. We have stretched our abilities to ensure our students do not feel the effects of larger class sizes, inadequate funding models and statistics-driven assessment, but we cannot sustain this effort. Teachers need resources, support, and most imperatively, time. I wish to use my experience, passion, knowledge and dedication to continue to advocate for improved classroom conditions for the students and teachers of the northwest, and all of Alberta.

I have taught 27 years in Penson School for Peace Wapiti School Division. I have been actively and continuously involved in my Association my entire career. I have served in varying capacities. I have held the role of economic consultant for the ATA. I have sat on the Education Alberta Field Experience Committee and on the board of the Mighty Peace Teachers' Convention. I served the local as chair of the Economic Policy Committee and the Negotiation Subcommittee. I then became secretary for Northern Spirit Local #6, followed by president. At Provincial Executive Council I have served on the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, Finance, Retirement, and Political Engagement Committees. I am liaison for the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Council, and chair of the Well Being of Children and Youth Committee.