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Edmonton McMurray


(three to be elected)



The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. In my work as local president, I hear the stories of our colleagues — the stories of classroom complexities, the impact of high-stakes student assessments, and the need for additional support for our English language learners. I also hear the exhaustion in their voices. In liaison with locals, Provincial Executive Council will continue to be another voice of classroom teachers and school administrators. We must champion mental wellness supports for our students and teachers with our colleagues in mental health. Advocating for improved classroom conditions is advocating for student learning.

Teachers’ professional learning should be directed by their professional needs. Over the next two years, revised teaching and school leader quality standards — frameworks that provide for the preparation, professional growth and evaluation of all teachers and school leaders — will be introduced and implemented throughout Alberta.

I am proud to be an Alberta teacher. I would be honoured to be a voice for teachers of Edmonton McMurray.


Nancy’s 35-year career with the Fort McMurray Public School District has included teaching students in grades 1–6 as well as the position of acting vice-principal at Timberlea Public School. As teacher capacity leader, Nancy currently works with beginning and substitute teachers, and co-ordinates the Learning Bridge Program, which provides additional learning support for students.

In addition to serving as local president, Nancy’s work at the local level has included professional development chair, local political engagement chair, vice-president and EPC school representative. Nancy has also served as president of the Fort McMurray Locals of ECEC and ELAC, and held the position of GETCA executive secretary.

Nancy has also served as a field representative on the ATA’s Curriculum and Assessment Committee and the Teaching and Leadership Excellence in Alberta Advisory Committee.


Teachers continue to tell me that their number one concern right now is their working conditions. Things have steadily deteriorated for decades and teachers are feeling overwhelmed. Expectations have grown to become daunting for many teachers. Our Association and the Provincial Executive Council must continue to pressure the provincial government and Alberta Education to follow through with concrete improvements.

I have regularly heard frustrations and concerns from the teachers of Edmonton and Fort McMurray. I feel it is important that their concerns are brought forward in a meaningful way, and as such I volunteered to be an ATA representative at central table negotiations. Members of PEC elected me to be one of the representatives, and it has been a privilege to embark on the important work of advocating for teachers’ interests.

During this round of bargaining, I have ensured that concerns about workload have been communicated at the bargaining table. As part of the Central Table Bargaining Committee, we have worked very hard to get the best possible deal for teachers and for education in this province, given the economic conditions we are currently experiencing.

I ask for your support in continuing to serve the fabulous teachers of Edmonton and Fort McMurray. Together we can continue to make improvements to education in this province.


Darrin is in his 22th year of teaching and is currently a high school teacher at St. Francis Xavier High School in Edmonton. He teaches Off-Campus Education and is the school’s On-line Learning Coordinator. He has also taught grade 5, junior high Math, at Edmonton Catholic’s Outreach High School, and High School Social Studies. He is currently the ATA District Representative for Edmonton/ Fort McMurray.

He currently sits on the following ATA Committees: Pension Committee (Chair), Resolutions Committee, Canadian Teachers Federation Committee, Edmonton Area Field Experiences Committee.


The teacher’s role and expectations continue to grow. Teachers are working harder and challenges in meeting students’ diverse needs, large class sizes and ongoing school/district initiatives are overwhelming.

Critical issues that we need to address include: mounting teacher workload that infringes on time to collaborate and refine teaching practice, funding to optimize teaching/learning environments, full support for classroom complexities encompassing inclusion and ELL, ideal class sizes, autonomy in personal professional development, work/life integration, and competitive salaries that include the cost of living.

By collectively championing all teachers through our ATA, we create the best education system for our students. We move forward by forging partnerships with education stakeholders, lobbying the provincial government, rallying public support and increasing member engagement. Together, we are strong.

I am honoured to represent Edmonton and Fort McMurray teachers on Provincial Executive Council. It is your expertise and commitment to students and community that build our globally recognized public education system. Thank you for your dedication to children and teaching. I encourage you to participate in our Association so that, together, we can provide what is best for you and our profession. As your voice, I remain committed to listening and to supporting your work at its best by advocating for all teachers.


Markiana is passionate about teaching and learning.

Her teaching experience includes kindergarten through adult education and English to international students. Professional roles include ATA professional development instructor and facilitator, curriculum developer, and working with children and adults in care. Markiana has held various ECT local executive positions, including vice-president.

Currently, she is a learning coach and represents Edmonton McMurray teachers on Provincial Executive Council, serving on the Communications, Advocacy, and Public Education committee, the resolutions committee, and as PEC liaison to the Early Childhood Education Council.


I am honoured and humbled to be in a position in my career to be able to run and serve the teachers of the Edmonton McMurray district. As an active member of the Association for nearly 10 years, I have experience in every position at the local level, including my time as president of the Greater St. Paul Local. I am looking forward to continuing my journey as a lifelong learner in this position when elected to serve the teachers of the Edmonton McMurray district.

I believe some of the most important qualities of a good DR are the abilities to listen and articulate the needs of teachers in a manner that provides understanding and empathy for the difficult jobs we face in our dynamic and changing political and economic climate. It’s important that DRs have a broad range of classroom experience to better relate to the experiences of their colleagues.

I believe that it is extremely important to remain active at a local level and in the communities that we serve. In support of my beliefs, I have considerable experience with students in culturally diverse backgrounds, including special needs, home schooling and enrichment. My current assignment provides instruction for medically fragile/at-risk youth. It further reinforces my belief that only a strong Association, supported by active, engaged teachers, in co-operation with parents, is the most important link in providing advocacy for public education.

I am asking you to cast a vote in support of my bid to become DR and bring a fresh face to Provincial Executive Council. The need for strong advocates on behalf of teachers has never been more important than now. I am dedicated to deliver on my promise to be a new voice of reason and strengthen our Association for the cause of teachers in Alberta. Thank-you.


Teachers continue to have complex classroom working and learning conditions, increases in special needs demands, intensification to collect and report data on student progress, constant student mental health concerns, technological changes, challenges of inclusion, and threats of economic restraint on our salaries. Collectively, these pose a threat to our ability to meet the increasing needs of our students and our ability to maintain an acceptable work-life balance.

The district representative of Edmonton McMurray must be relentless and unambiguous in communicating these realities of the classroom to government, the public and on Provincial Executive Council. We must continue to withstand the continuous attacks upon our professionalism and our professional service.

As your district representative, I will commit to representing the interests and concerns of Edmonton McMurray teachers.
• Reduce teacher and principal workload
• Champion work-life balance
• Improve mental health and wellness support for teachers
• Work for meaningful changes for substitute teachers
• Ensure your local ATA and individual voice is heard, understood and articulated on PEC
• Provide for transparent decision making on PEC

Over my many years of serving, volunteering, and working alongside our Association, I am proud of the numerous committees, Local 37 executives and joint working groups I have been involved in.

Some of my accomplishments include establishing a joint Local 37 and Local 54 extended disability peer support group, creating a substitute teacher-district liaison, and successfully promoting teaching through social media and traditional media.

For 20 years Patrick has worked in Edmonton Public Schools. His teaching experience includes working as a classroom teacher in all three divisions. Patrick has taught in regular, inclusion and special needs classrooms. He has held positions in school leadership, and as a district consultant.

For more information visit or connect on Twitter @Patrick_Johner.